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Five sizes

Available in different colors
Trays 1,25 litres
Baskets 1(NEW!), 2, 4, 8 litres

Available in red, beige, yellow and green

Made of resistant polyethylene

Our baskets and trays are made to last. Their rigidity and shape are non equalled. Easy to fit into each other while being space savers.

Esthetical presentation

Will maximise fruits and vegetables retail sales. JER-B-SYL plastic baskets and trays will attract the customers with their lively colors. They will bring out the freshness and appearance of your products due to the contrast when displayed.

WASHABLE: Avoid all risk of contamination. In normal use, their colors will not fade, nor will their initial shapes change. Increase your sales with a complete assortment of JER-B-SYLcontainers. A surely feasible investment.

Environmentaly friendly baskets. No need to cut trees to make them!

Containers for fruits and vegetables

This is the Plastic era! It is the end of wooden baskets and milboard trays which are expensive to buy. The JER-B-SYL containers are here to stay. They are esthetic, durable, recyclable and economical.
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